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The city of Freiburg, Germany is an overall extremely green city. There are solar panels everywhere you look as well as green plants growing out of about anywhere. The city uses 3 ways to produce renewable energy to reduce the amount of fossil fuels burned which reduces climate change. First, they use a hydroelectric power plant from the Dreisam river.  Hydropower plants generate electricity from capturing the falling water in the river. In the center of the river, there are also “fish steps” because the fish need to be able to go upstream the river so big rocks were placed in order for the fish to move back and forth. This method only generates energy for about 100 of the 220,000 families that live in Freiburg so it does not cover a lot of the population but it definitely does cover quite a few.


Another method of producing renewable energy is by using windmills. The city of Freiburg has 5 windmills total which generates about 12% of all the electricity used in the city, 34% being the total amount of renewable energy Freiburg uses. These windmills are extremely tall since the higher is, the more wind there is, which means the more electricity produced. These windmills go from dark green at the base to white in order to camouflage them into the horizon. The blades on top of the windmills are heated in the winter so that no ice builds up on them. Also, during a storm, the anemometer on the generator detects the high wind levels and is able to change which side the blades face or it can turn off the windmill completely. Yet, even with these precautions about 1 or 2 birds are killed per year.

The final method of producing renewable energy, and the most popular, are solar panels. These are found on almost all of the buildings including the soccer stadium of Freiburg. There are two types of solar panels, photovoltaic solar panels which create electricity and thermal solar panels which are a lot thicker and create heat. Both of these types of solar panels face the south, since they generally would receive more sunlight facing the south. These two types of solar panels cover the entire roof of the stadium at Freiburg in order to create electricity to run all the lights, scoreboard, etc. and in order to heat certain parts of the stadium including the ground of the soccer field. They also cover the rooves of almost all the apartment buildings of the people in Freiburg. In order for solar panels to work effectively, the apartments have large windows in which sunlight can enter but since the windows are triple glazed, most of the heat cannot leave. They also have a “cap” to block out any extra sunlight from their balcony on the roof.


Another way to reduce the amount of fossil fuels burn and to make the Earth greener, the people of Freiburg do not use cars regularly which greatly reduces pollution. Instead they mainly walk or they can use the train or their bike. But cars are normally their last option of transportation for many reasons including the law that states that there can be only one car per apartment. The people of Freiburg also believe that to save the environment one must consume less energy, use renewable energy, and use a cogeneration device which generates energy if ever the solar panels stop working. These are the many reasons that Freiburg stays such a green city.

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