BISS 2 Create New Towns

Publié le 16-Avr-2018 dans : Filière anglaise, Non classé, primaire

After visiting and studying Strasbourg centre, BISS 2 created their own towns, adding the things they thought were important (colour, space and fun areas) and taking away the things they didn’t like (lots of roads, cars and high buildings). They worked on their project in groups of 5 and they used whatever resources they could find. The end result were three very bright and interesting towns called ‘Happy ColorTown’, ‘Green Eagle’ and ‘Happy Rainbow’.

Le Chapitre de Saint-Thomas           Les Diaconesses de Strasbourg           La Croisée des Chemins

Le Gymnase, établissement scolaire privé sous contrat : Lucie Berger (maternelle à 5ème) et Jean Sturm (4ème à terminale) - 67000 Strasbourg - France

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