UNICEF Project in Grade 3 BISS

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In our last project ‘Whatever your status, your human rights are the same’ we learned about children who do not always have their rights respected.

UNICEF helps children in need, for example it gives food, shelter and medicine after a natural disaster or a war. This Spring, in grade 3, we held a sponsored event in aid of UNICEF.

We trained in sixty spelling words, thirty in French and thirty in English.


For the French words, we wrote them in a test. For the English words, we gave the spellings out loud.This is called a spelling bee. We had sponsors who gave us money for participating and for spelling words correctly.

The grand total of the money raised came to: 1185,40 euros. Mrs Bloomfield took the money to the UNICEF office in Strasbourg.  She spoke with the man who volunteers at the shop. He explained that this money will buy lots of essential things to help children, for example, vaccinations.

Thank you very much to all our sponsors and well done to our participants.

By Sofia, Kieran and Camille V


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