5e4 students participate in Mystery Skype

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mystery skype 1 photo.jpgStudents in 5e4 OM (creative problem solving class) completed their first Mystery Skype activity on May 16.  The students had a skype session with a class somewhere else in the world.  By asking only yes/no questions, the students had to deduce where the other class was located;  that class asked us questions to determine our city and country.  By using a variety of maps and quick thinking, the 5e4 students discovered that our Mystery Skype class was in Angola, New York, USA.   Nice work ladies!

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Le Gymnase, établissement scolaire privé sous contrat : Lucie Berger (maternelle à 5ème) et Jean Sturm (4ème à terminale) - 67000 Strasbourg - France

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